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Letter: Buck Berlaimont for the sake of love

I do want to point something out about that whole Berlaimont area, also known as beloved Berry Creek. At least, that is what we call it. It’s alive and teeming with spirits. Magic and love. You can feel it. I have had so many quiet encounters up there. Sometimes hiking with my daughters, sometimes helping out with a science project in Berry Creek itself, only to watch a child in waders discover an entire new world in the water.

The smiles will always be a part of beloved Berry Creek. We live in a world where this type of spiritual awakening is dozed over all the time. We must preserve the natural joy that comes from a place like this. Walk up there, watch the beauty of the birds, the vast valley and the gentle magic that resides up in beloved Berry Creek. Please, Buck Berlaimont for the sake of love.

Liz MacDougald


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