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Letter: Buddy Sims for president

Buddy, I have seen our VFW Post award these wonderful high school scholarships year after year, and during the past 15 years, you have always been the backbone of that effort. There really are three major efforts: First, there is raising the money, and I remember you and Mike Mathias working endless hours at the rummage sale. When the rummage sale was discontinued, you and Moses created the VFW golf tournament. And with that effort, the VFW doubled the amount of the awards. 

Second, there is receiving, reviewing, and evaluating the applications. You and wonderful Debbie Robbins read dozens and dozens and dozens of applications, year after year, until you could actually understand that “sincere application” language and make sense of it. And you always made reasonable sense of it.

Third, there is the actual ceremony and the award. This is the public face of our VFW standing up and handing “award letters” to students. But you were mostly too modest to participate in the awards. You wrote the letters, but you quietly sat back and watched this part of the process. So, when I saw today’s Vail Daily headline “Local VFW post awards scholarships to local high school graduates,” it reminded me again of the endless and noble effort that you contribute to our VFW Post and to our Eagle Valley community, year after year. 

Buddy Sims for president.

Pete Thompson

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