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Letter: Butch Mazzuca’s dubious source

Butch Mazzuca, in his Aug. 5 column, decries the sad state of our military after inadequate funding by the Obama administration but asserts “no one should question President Trump’s commitment to national security.”  He concludes by suggesting America’s fiscal priorities are out of order, stating: “Can anyone tell me what sense it makes for a nation already deeply in debt to borrow billions of dollars to support people living here illegally when the same amount of money could be used to rebuild and modernize a seriously depleted military?“ 

I do question President Trump’s commitment to national security since he refuses to protect the nation from Russian interference and stokes racial division that is a serious threat to this country. I also wonder what unspecified billions to “support” illegal aliens Mazzuca is referring to. Could that “support” refer to the money being spent on separating families and caging children? 

Mazzuca likes to tout his reasonableness, objectivity and the quality of his sources. In his latest article Mazzuca relies on retired Major General Paul Vallely for the proposition that Obama intentionally and nefariously damaged our military.  Mazzuca also states, without providing a source, that Obama “purged” nearly 200 senior officers suspected of disloyalty or disagreement during his first five years in office. 

How credible is General Vallely as support for Mazzuca’s views? According to the Wikipedia page on General Vallely, he holds the following views: allegations of detainee abuse at Guantánamo Bay were based on myths of the left-wing press; Palestinians should be relocated to surrounding Arab countries in favor of Israel’s divinely-inspired rebirth; and a general was justified in refusing an order to deploy to Afghanistan because Obama had no legitimacy as commander-in-chief (because of his birth status). 

There are other astounding tidbits that bear on the quality of General Vallely as a source for Mazzuca’s views, but you get the point. I wonder if Mazzuca considers the dismissal of the general who refused to serve his country on the basis of the birther conspiracy as an improper “purge” of the general? 

Burt Levin


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