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Letter: Calf’s letter merits a sheepish response

So, it’s come to my attention that a baby cow done did write into dem der Vail Daily on Friday June 14. He was writing ’bout his experience in da ’rodeo. Well ya’ll, let me tell you something … As a sheep, I always look forward to summers and the rodeos. Shoot, last year, I got to go to that rodeo in the sky known as the Beaver Creek Rodeo! Best dang time I ever had. 

I had these little buckaroos try to sit on my back and try to hold on as long as they could … Well I’ll tell yeh, it is the funniest thing to hear those little cowpokes laughin’ and a gigglin’, and then to see them all dusty after I done did throw them off me …  Boy howdy, what a great time. And I just know that the parents are hooting and hollerin’ just as much as the kids are.

Now, I know, sometimes it looks like the rodeo can get a little rough and such, but shoot, that was what the Wild West was all about. If not for all the cowboys and gals, how else would all dem city-slickers find out what it took to live and work out here before there was telephones and automobiles and whatnot …  Now, I may be all down by nine, but I reckon that Baby Cow just got his hoofs all in a bind over someum else and wanted to take it out on all dem hard workers that show up every Thursday beginning June 20 in Avon for the BC Rodeo …  Come on now, Baby Cow, you were just sour on that they didn’t let you into the calf scramble, weren’t cha? 

Mutton Busted Sheep (Mike Spaid)


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