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Letter: Can I shop for groceries without pants?

In response to Stephen Monroe’s column in the Dec. 19 edition of the Vail Daily: I have a few examples of instances of when what to wear is required. First, will I be turned away if I shop for groceries without wearing a shirt and shoes? Let alone pants? Or be served a drink or let alone be allowed inside a village restaurant without the same shirt and shoes? Can I swim in the Avon Recreation Center without a swimsuit? Can I lay out at Nottingham park au naturel and sun myself to get a tan with no tan lines? Can I wear my ski boots to grocery shop at City Market?

It’s my opinion that Gov. Jared Polis was in error when he said, “You know, public health (officials) don’t get to tell people what to wear.” Food service workers wear gloves and hair nets. Surgeons and nurses wear sterile gowns, gloves and masks. And what about gynecologists and proctologists wearing masks and gloves? That’s just to name a few.

And Monroe using Polis’ words of not wearing a coat in winter is a glib example. That person is only exposing himself to the cold. That person having a potentially deadly virus, and not wearing a mask is having a direct threat to the general public health as the numbers will attest. While I’m against government overreach, I’m all for public safety when it comes to containing a deadly virus.

Leonard Bloom

Vail and Phoenix

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