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Letter: Can we fix the roads, already?

If the United States is truly one of the richest countries in the world, then I wonder why we are driving on third-world roads. What are our priorities? In over 43 years that I have lived in the valley, I-70 is the worst that it has ever been. After my last trip to Denver, there was more asphalt that was missing, holes, and cracks. The ruts are even worse than those on a slalom course on a warm spring day.  

Drivers will need to have good tires year-round to travel on I-70 because when the torrential downpours happen in the summer, people will be hydroplaning all over the road.

I drive I-70 enough to know where some of the bad spots are but I cannot imagine being a visitor to this state and having to navigate all of the above. It is not a great advertisement for the state.

The roads are awful! Time to get I-70 fixed as well as all the other roads and bridges.

Elizabeth Holland


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