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Letter: Can’t we do better than Cal Thomas?

I’d like to understand why Cal Thomas is carried in our local paper. Yes, I am left of center politically, but hope I would feel the same way about nationally syndicated liberal writers.

It’s important to read our local writers writing about local issues or how national issues affect our little valley (think Chris Romer). It’s fun to read some of our local writers with edgy points of view (think Richard and Butch).

I don’t understand Cal’s inclusion. He writes on national issues from a very clear ultra-conservative standpoint. He isn’t witty or clever, and for me, is not insightful. All we get are worn out tropes (today the horrors of immigration) that are available on any right-leaning national media, and then some. If we are going to read a national point of view, how about someone interesting (think David Brooks or Walter Isaacson)? Just my opinion.

Mike Block


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