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Letter: Carl Luppens for Eagle County Paramedic Services board

Unless you have had direct interaction with the public safety agencies in the Vail area, you might not be aware of the extremely high quality of their services to the public. They are incredibly skilled and work tirelessly to keep us alive.

We have well recognized “world class” skiing, “world class” weather, “world class” orthopedic medicine as well as many other spectacular resources, but did you know that we also have “world class” forest firefighters right here in our valley? And “world class” emergency medical services.

This is a good time to focus on the Eagle County Paramedic Services. Right now there is a “mail in/drop off” ballot election for three seats on the board of directors ending May 3. I have been nominated for one of these positions. For the last few years, I have been volunteering 100s of hours each year to support public safety. I’ve worked fires and riots as well as delightful public events like bike races and fireworks shows.

The Eagle County Paramedics are one of the very few highly accredited ambulance services in the county. Besides their typical life-saving responses to accidents and illnesses, they are specially trained to deal with mountain rescue, forest fire and tactical medical emergencies. In their ever expanding service to all of us, they have added a new level of community health support as one more cutting edge medical capability.

If this is important to you, please make an effort to recognize these brave men and women and elect me to give them the highest level of support at the director level. I have the skills, experience, time and commitment to support them as they protect all of us.

Carl Luppens


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