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Letter: Carnes’ confusion is his own

I think the only confusion that Richard Carnes observes in his latest column, “Confusion rules across the board,” is his own. It’s fairly clear that his talking points throughout the piece have been cobbled together and selectively chosen from the various mainstream media outlets. He starts off with the destruction of Richard Grenell as having “no experience in matters of national intelligence.” Serving four U.S. Ambassadors to the United Nations and leading communication strategies on terrorism, the Middle East and security for Israel to name a few certainly negates the “no experience.”

Also, you conveniently left out that he is the first openly gay cabinet member, and you know, as well as I, and “that segment of the population,” if the parties were reversed, any criticism of his appointment would be harshly chastised as “homophobic.” On the subject of “that segment,” we (of which I’m a deplorable member) are now “woke” to the deep state shenanigans that keep Republican and Democrat bureaucrats in power with their only goal being perpetuity. Our current president is the roadblock that will stop it.

Paul Cunningham


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