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Letter: Changes are overdue at the post office

I have never understood why we have to go to the Gypsum post office to get our mail and packages. In the age of COVID-19, the reality may be a deadly disaster. It can take 40 minutes in line to get my package. I see elderly people waiting in lines. The trucks pull in to the post office and dump the packages and leave the mess to the employees. The employees are hardworking people with a good attitude.

If people are sick, they may not go shopping, they may not go out for dinner, but they go to the post office. In December, people will be mailing and picking up packages, making the lines longer and leaving those waiting in line statistically at greater risk to contract COVID-19. The post office doesn’t appear up to state sanitary standards for an area for 35 or more people.

The COVID-19 positivity rate statewide in Eagle County is 8.7% and transmission remains high. The post office does not seem concerned. I’m 70 and my wife has a serious lung condition. If either of us catches it, we may be dead. Is the post office above human rights? Can we not get our mail another way?

Amazon informs me that USPS is paid to deliver packages to the physical address. Amazon says we have the option to prioritize the shippers should we not like the service. USPS will be on the bottom of my list. The Gypsum post office was never designed to deal with our growing population or Amazon. Changes are far overdue.

During these dangerous times with no time to waste the only acceptable remedies are:

  • All USPS packages should be delivered to the receiver’s physical address. The truck delivering the packages to the post office plus another truck could deliver Gypsum’s packages daily. To save a life I don’t think that is too much to ask.
  • Construction will begin with acceptance from the HOAs, etc. and attractive mailboxes placed on streets within reasonable walking distances for residents or home mailboxes.

John Rose


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