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Letter: Choose ‘No Action’ on Berlaimont

A healthy forest is home to healthy wildlife, and wildlife is part of a healthy forest. Wildlife everywhere is stressed by climate change. Animals do not need the additional challenges imposed by human habitation and activity in their space.

There are plenty of magnificent, and under-utilized, homes in Eagle County in beautiful mountain and forest settings. Nineteen buyers could settle on any number of these I see listed for sale any time. To allow the development of an inholding for 19 mega-homes is a decision promoting extravagance to an unconscionable and extreme level.  It would threaten elk already struggling to survive.

Once, the idea of owning an inholding was to dream of building a remote cabin to enjoy a simple existence a few weeks each summer away from it all.  The cabin would be accessed by way of beat-up pick-up over a dirt road.  The new notion of creating a mini-Cordillera or Pilgrim Downs in the midst of elk winter range is ridiculous, unnecessary, and bad stewardship of our natural resources.

Forest Service, choose the “No Action” alternative on amending the forest plan as would be required by Berlaimont.

Charlyn C. Canada


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