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Letter: Choosing a president

I have tried to teach my children and grandchildren certain values which I value highly, even though I’ve fallen short on many of them over my 80 years of life. It is these values on which I evaluate and make a choice for president.

  • A sensitive, compassionate, and caring approach  
  • A team player who listens and respects other’s opinions.
  • Transparent communication, honesty and truthfulness in all matters
  • A humbleness and willingness to admit mistakes
  • High moral and family values
  • An ability to motivate others to work together for the common good  

If a president represents these values, I’m confident that they will be best equipped, most effective, and more successful dealing with the important issues facing our country today including the economy, equal rights for all, beating COVID-19, immigration issues, relationships with our allies and other world leaders, global warming, and the composition of the Supreme Court.

Alex Huck


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