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Letter: Christmas is God in Jesus coming to the world to restore goodness in creation

Christmas is here, but many may not know of the traditional Christian view of how and why Christmas is so joyful. The events of Christmas are, of course, described in the Bible. Joy comes from thinking of how the Bible was written over a period of more than a thousand years by 40 different authors and yet it describes one unfolding story of Jesus’ salvation, including His coming to earth to be among His creation: Christmas!

This makes Christianity and Christmas completely different from any other religion created by men or angels from just one source, such as Buddhism, Islam and the others that start with these original eyewitness accounts but then add newer and very different ideas about how to be saved and reconciled with God.

Beyond Christmas’ multiple eyewitness biblical bases, joy comes from understanding that the result and meaning of Christmas is that God thereby has a plan for all of creation and history. This plan is God the Son coming in order to be the one way to find God and be reconciled to His absolute pure holiness. No “I’m a good person and God will accept me” here. No “I’ve done good works so God will accept me.”

We know deep down no one is good enough, no matter how we try, and yet God reached down to us and made a way. Christmas is the fact of God in Jesus coming to the world to restore goodness in creation. What joyous good news is this?!

And Christmas joy comes, too, from seeing the unity of hundreds of prophetic writings throughout the Bible to which Jesus refers and which refer to Jesus throughout. Christmas, and all of Jesus’ life work here is amazingly laid out in the Old Testament before it came to pass. Can you imagine the joy in knowing, for instance, that the texts laid out in Handel’s gorgeous “Messiah” are an actual witness to life-changing truth?

And this very truth is seen working in millions of people, changing them through the love of God that they find in Jesus. These changed lives are another powerful witness to Jesus’ coming at Christmas.

So Christmas, God coming for us, is found through the clear window of witnesses that brings true joy and meaning found nowhere else. The deepest reality of all is found in Christmas. For those who have searched and found, it truly is a Joyous Christmas.

Doug Currey


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