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Letter: Civics and freeloaders

In 1956, President Eisenhower created the Clay Commission with the purpose of developing the framework to create an interstate system of highways, similar to the AutoBahn in Germany.  The system was established with a gas tax for vehicles. At the time, vehicles rarely got better than 10 miles per gallon.

Now some 60 years later, we find what was once the best system in the world in dire need of upgrades and rehabilitation. Fortunately for the environment but unfortunately for our highways, car gas mileage is over double that in 1956 but the gas tax has not kept pace with inflation. On top of that, we have freeloaders driving Teslas that contribute nothing to the support of the highways that they use.

I never cease to be amazed at the naïveté of comments in this newspaper. Why do you think the section of I-70 through Idaho Springs is tolled? Reality alert: Unless the funding mechanism is dramatically changed, expect to see tolling on many other roadways.

Dale Decker


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