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Letter: Claims must be supported

Having read Corkie Ramey’s letter of March 29 and then reading Leonard Bloom’s of April 1, it caused me to do something I don’t normally do. It made me read a column written by Richard Carnes. I had to, so that I could get a better understanding of what the two letters were about.

I am not making any claims here, just trying to understand what Corkie Ramey was referring to and then trying to understand Leonard Bloom’s response to such.

Given that they were both referring to, or at least making reference to a column written by Richard Carnes that “seemed” to make the claim that “a few Trumplicans won’t be happy until they see dead American soldiers alongside dead Ukranians so they could use it to sway upcoming elections.“

Based on the Vail Daily’s “Here’s how it works” policy for letters, it states that “Claims made in submissions have to be supported by facts and must cite sources as needed“ and given what ”seems to me“ (without making any claims of absolute knowledge of the fact) that Richard Carnes did make a claim in his article that caused Corkie, and Leonard, and now me, to comment on such, I wonder, do the writers of columns have to abide by the same policy?

Dennis O’Halloran


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