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Letter: Classified is classified — period

With all the current hoopla and often ballyhoo concerning the handling of classified materials, I reflected on my personal experience and understanding of levels of classification from my time in the military. My primary responsibilities were to secure, maintain and transport various classified materials related to the mission of our organization and the U.S. Categories of classified information ranged from restricted, confidential, secret to top secret, the latter requiring the strictest security measures under penalty of imprisonment or worse.

Thus, I have a sincere respect for the proper handling and disposition of classified materials. That is why I do not understand, nor condone, recent incidents of individuals undermining and dismissing national security policies. They do not seem to grasp what I was taught almost 50 years ago. Put plain and simple, they’re in the wrong when it comes to mishandling classified materials.

Nowadays, there is a drastic change toward the lackadaisical handling of classified information. Regardless of political affiliation, I am truly disappointed with all these current events. It makes me wonder what else is out there in other homes, closets, garages, golf clubs, etc. of all those persons in political positions which require them to regularly handle types of classified information. One can only hope that they understand and acknowledge the full responsibilities related to their elected positions.

Brad Austin
Beaver Creek

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