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Letter: Clear and present danger in the White House

The current president of the United States is arrogant and ignorant, dangerous and disgusting and a clear and present danger to our country. Our very existence as a Democracy is at stake. I do not understand the people still supporting him and his policies. What do you Republicans stand for?  It certainly isn’t honesty, civility, or integrity or caring about the future of America.

 In the last six months, there have been four mass shootings in places of worship and another one in the school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and now another one in Virginia Beach in a workplace. The president is still not taking steps to try to alleviate this horrible situation. In fact, he is promoting violence with his rhetoric of hatred toward all people who aren’t white and there are folks who are listening to him and his hatred is being spread throughout the internet. He is still doubling down on his comments following the racial protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

President Trump denies climate change and global warming, despite dire warnings from scientists. His hard-line immigration policies are separating children from parents at the border while they are fleeing their own country because of horrendous circumstances. He lies with almost everything that spews from his mouth and continues to refuse to show us his taxes and other finances. What is there to like about this president? 

When evangelist Franklin Graham says that Mayor Pete is sinning because he’s gay, why does he condone the lying mouth of Trump when he degrades women, makes fun of handicapped people, insults people of color, lies, and cheats in business dealings, etc.  This is the height of hypocrisy, is it not?  I’m speaking now to all of you so-called Christians, the evangelicals! 

Linda Carr


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