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Letter: Colorado needs to be a leader on climate change

If you are like me, you often glance down to see who wrote a letter before reading it. If so, you may have just said, “Oh, here we go again on climate change.” However, it is not just change, but an absolute crisis. And in a crisis, those who still have hope cry out to our neighbors and our legislators, “Do something before it is too late.”

The state is still pandering to the fossil fuel companies, even though they are costing us a whole lot in human health and the environment that has sustained us for so long. Oh, and money? In her book Mission Economy, Mariana Mazzucato says, “… in 2019, extraordinarily, subsidies to fossil fuel companies were estimated at 20 billion a year in the USA…”

Our governor, who promised so much in the way of combating climate change, seems to have backed up. Colorado Public Radio said, “Polis has sought a business-friendly path that’s heavy on incentives and voluntary agreements.” A climate agreement that passed out of a Senate committee in April seems to depend on a lot of good will and is not legally enforceable.

If you are aware of what is happening here in Colorado and internationally, you know there is a huge problem with drought, fires, rising seas, floods, tropical insects and animals moving north, extinction of animals that can’t take the heat, the loss of ice causing the poles to move, etc.

I have a note on my refrigerator, which has been there for years. It says, “Well, what are you going to do about it?” At 89, writing letters to you and my legislators and government agencies is all I can do.

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With a little more gumption, Colorado could be a leader in this country. Please help.

Katherine Delanoy


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