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Letter: Colorado’s new abortion law isn’t progress

Our society claims to uphold the values of equality and justice. However, we often fall short of that noble goal. We then, hopefully, realize our errors and make genuine progress toward virtue.

The passage of House Bill 1279 — the Reproductive Health Equity Act — isn’t just a shortcoming; it is a direct affront to human dignity. It allows the lives of a whole group of people to be casually discarded under the innocuous appeal to freedom of choice. Rather than taking time to reflect on the impact of this decision, our culture and state legislature have adamantly insisted on reinforcing access to abortion, believing this to be the way of progress.

Admittedly, appealing to all creeds and cultures in a state of over 5 million people is impossible, never mind easy. Sometimes an option allowing more choice seems open-minded and equitable. However, there comes a time to step in and oppose what is plainly a grave injustice. The Declaration of Independence lists life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the three most inalienable rights. Their order is no accident; each subsequent right is predicated on the prior. Therefore it is imperative to protect the right to life before all else.

Abortion is an injustice because the unborn are not merely potential human beings; they are human beings with potential. Gov. Jared Polis calls the abortion restrictions in the other parts of the country “government overreach,” yet the most basic function of the government is to protect its citizens from deliberate harm. While the unborn may not yet be citizens, they are undeniably persons deserving of the same human rights. Any suggestion to the contrary is to deny the biology that tells us what a human is, and the philosophy that teaches us our intrinsic worth. From the presence of a heartbeat, to the ability to grow and develop, to the capability to feel pain, there are many indications that from conception there is a distinct, living, human organism. His or her unique dependence on the mother does not undermine these biological facts nor our duty to protect them.

House Bill 1279 is not progress. It is not open mindedness. It is not equality. It is a refusal to acknowledge the gruesome reality of what abortion is. This bill is a governmental overreach. By signing this law, Polis has stripped the unborn of their right to life and of all future liberties, all but ensuring they will never regain those rights they once had. The bill presumptuously declares that the government is the arbiter of human rights, rather than the protector of them; that it can decide which lives are worth protecting and which are disposable.

Not once in human history has demoting a person to subhuman status ended well. We are not pro-life because of misogyny, or for religious imperialism, or out of ignorance of the harsh circumstances some women face. We are pro-life because abortion unjustly takes the life of an innocent person. Until that can be proven otherwise, we shall not stop defending them.

Dylan Worthy


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