Does the Vail Daily trash Trump? |

Does the Vail Daily trash Trump?

Letter: Columnist Richard Carnes not truly seeking positive comments about President Donald Trump

Richard Carnes: You are not looking for anything positive about the President, you are seeking any information that you can, then editorialize on, twist and create totally false scenarios so they fit your agenda. You are true to the tactics of CNN and MSNBC.

Lets look at:

1) The economy. Need I explain it to you or do you look at the statistics regarding employment, average hourly wage, average hourly production and the stock market? And, of course, you will use the stock market as a bastion of the wealthy, but most anyone who has or will at some point receive a pension, as well as 401Ks, college savings plans, annuities and other forms of investment income will be a beneficiary.

2) Repatriation of dollars to this economy. Yes, the amount of tax received has been reduced, but that is immaterial because all of those dollars were offshore and benefitting the U.S. economy none. … Please review the plans for these repatriated monies. They will go to capital expansion, immediate payments to employees and will find their way to infrastructure spending.

3) The Koreans, both North and South, have openly commented that the efforts and stand of this country have been a factor in their most recent diplomatic meetings, as well as the Olympic cooperation. It cannot be determined what long-term effect this will have, but is a potential diplomatic solution or at least beginning not the best way to approach foreign diplomacy problems?

It has become apparent from your writings that you seek not to talk about facts but talk about those nebulous items that the media loves to use when they know (as they have stated; Acosta as an example) that there have been accomplishments and they cannot bear citing any of the successes of this Administration, ergo: Mr. Trump.

Judging from your columns, I expect this will fall into the barrel with any other positive writings you have received.


Robert J. Graff

Highland Beach, Florida

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