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Letter: Come Election Day 2018, do you want more of the feckless DNC?

To editor: My epiphany of late is that I have noticed a disparity in philosophies and protocols between that of the DNC and of the GOP, what with their respective actions (or inactions) of late concerning tax reform legislation and, before that, the attempted repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

On the one hand, the GOP struggles within its ranks to resolve tax and health-care issues; representatives and senators alike are disunited in their opinions and proposed remedies for such legislation to come to fruition. In other words, there is an independence of mindset afoot in their ranks where party affiliation and interests seemingly fade in the legislative process; and I think that this is a good thing, since the work of the people may supersede the interests and benefits to any one political party.

On the contrary and to a man, Democrats in the House and Senate appear to be in “lock-step” and of one “mindset” in their resistance and obstruction to the proffered legislation of the GOP. It seems that they opt for the status quo over “progressing” with programs that at least address the interests of the people.

Where is the lonely and siren voice of just one Democrat that would offer even a scintilla of constructive input in the process in either forum? When have we seen any proffered bills for tax relief and remedial solutions to the imploding Obamacare act (which, incidentally, was the creature of the lockstep legislation of the Democrats eight years ago) that would address the concerns and consternations of the American people?

This “single-mindedness” and united approach to legislation is the earmark of party interests over and above that of the people, and it is not a good thing when you consider the furtive motives involved — the quest for power, for centralized and all-encompassing control of the American populous and the self-interests of politicos for party support in ensuing elections.

When obstruction, meaningless resistance, non-constructive criticism and endless “investigations” into executive “Trumped-up” allegations of Russian collusion become the norms and “rallying cries” for the DNC, do you then wonder what the DNC has to offer come election day of 2018? Would not the term “regressive” be more apropos and applicable for the liberal persuasion than “progressive”?

Query, are sexual abuse aspersions, unfounded allegations of collusion, countless investigations into impropriety and protestations over flag abuse more important than the health and welfare of the people, its safety from terrorism or a prosperous and “progressing” economy? On Election Day of 2018, do you want more of the feckless DNC’s approach to these issues or that of the independence lately displayed by the GOP, no matter how contentious?

Fredric Butler


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