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Letter: Commissioners can’t have it both ways

I recently read the article in the Enterprise entitled, “Commissioners rebuke Lauren Boebert in letter.“ I am responding to that rebuke with several questions for these three commissioners.

  1. Why is it OK for Democrats to voice their objections to the Electoral College certification like they have done at least three other times in the last 20 years, but not OK for Lauren Boebert and others with the same opinion of a fraudulent election to voice their opinions?
  2. If the votes in the last election were unlawfully tampered with, why would Congress not want to hear the evidence of such fraud?
  3. Why do you three say it is “ultimately no longer appropriate for you to remain silent” when you are telling Lauren Boebert that the only appropriate thing for her to do is remain silent. Are her opinions less important than yours? She was elected on the grounds that she would make her voice and the voices of those who elected her heard in Washington.
  4. Why would you say that “silence has allowed a monster to grow nationwide” when you have not been silent in trying to make President Trump a monster for the past four years. Your crowd has certainly not been silent with their unproven accusations against Trump. Do you only want the opposition silenced so only your voice will be heard? Is free speech a thing of the past?
  5. Is it truly a good thing to only allow those with the same opinions as your own to be heard?
  6. Obviously, there are a majority of voters in the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado who do not want their voices silenced, but want Lauren Boebert to be their voice in Washington as she fights for the rights of all Americans set down in our constitution.

Thank you, Lauren Boebert, for standing against tyranny and for the rights of all Americans as set down in the Constitution of the United States over 200 years ago. It is what has made our country great. I only pray our voices will be heard in Congress and not be silenced by those have another agenda in mind.

Karen Wood


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