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Letter: Commissioners speak for the majority with Boebert rebuke

Thank you for printing Adrienne Perer’s letter, “Proud of Lauren Boebert,” in the Jan. 15 Vail Daily. It is valid to question whether or not it was the place of the Eagle County Commissioners to write their letter to Boebert. However, the vast majority of voters in Eagle County (by almost a 2 to 1 margin) did not vote for Boebert, and, as a result, will have no voice in Congress for the next two years.

The commissioners gave the majority of Eagle County voters some semblance of a voice. The better strategy, however, might be for them to advocate for parts of the huge 3rd Congressional District to be added to the new congressional district that Colorado stands to gain as a result of the last census. It’s highly unlikely this will happen, but the diversity of opinion in our district is stark. The expectation that one person can adequately represent us is ridiculous.

It’s realistic to believe that Boebert laughed at the commissioners’ letter and has no intention of listening to the majority of the voters in Eagle County. It’s unfortunate that Boebert probably sees the letter as a feather in her cap, vs. a valid set of points for her to consider.

Debra Dieter


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