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Letter: Congratulations to the new council members

Congratulations, especially to my dear friends, Pete Siebert and Jonathan Staufer. However, I do have a few issues on the small, hard-to-read, roundabout signs (and signs throughout Vail). One, they are akin to texting while driving, and two, I had a real problem with the yellow signs with “NO STAUFER.” I recall yellow signs, four years ago, with “NO PEREZ” printed on them.

This behavior is not what Vail is all about. I am sure that if you had issues with Staufer, he would have gladly sat down with you to discuss them. So, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, to enhance your political career, I suggest that, in the future, you put your name on the yellow signs. You may even get a few write-in votes.

Packy Walker


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