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Letter: Conservatives and COVID-19

There has recently been a disturbing trend in the Republican community to claim that the stay-at-home orders and other restrictions are unconstitutional, violate our freedoms, represent “tyranny” and, in addition, will result in more deaths from suicide and economic hardship. I was the president of the Eagle County Republican women for several years. I was an extremely active member of the party, volunteering countless hours and acting as a precinct captain. I resigned my position as precinct captain in protest of the party’s support of Donald Trump.

Trump has been a completely incompetent leader during the COVID-19 crisis. He has undermined freedom of the press with his insane claims of fake news. He constantly criticizes anyone who disagrees with him, in a very nasty and personally insulting manner. The Republicans have failed to challenge his corrupt, sick, narcissistic presidency.

I have lost four personal friends to this virus. It becomes harder and more upsetting to accept each unnecessary death. Unnecessary because it is a fact that Trump ignored the many warnings regarding COVID-19 during the entire month of February.  We could have been preparing our testing strategy, hospital preparedness, and our PPE supplies. 

Instead, Trump claimed the virus was a “Democratic hoax.” His partners in crime on Fox News and the extreme right media, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, and others, exacerbated the problem and brainwashed the conservatives in the country. Even after he had declared a state of emergency because of COVID-19, he refused to implement a national testing strategy. He dragged his feet on using the Defense Production Act to compel private industry to produce the essential testing materials. As a result, the governors have had to compete with each other to obtain these essential tests, PPEs and ventilators. All of the medical experts agree that the tests are essential to the effort to contain the pandemic.

I have switched parties to a party that actually does support life, the Democrats. Although I disagree with many of their policies, at least they want me to live. The Republican Party has indeed become The party of Death, the party of Trump. I do not recognize or respect what it has become.

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Donna Spinelli


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