Letter: Consider McCollum for district attorney

Heidi McCollum has earned the trust of the voters of the 5th Judicial District and deserves your vote this November. I have known Heidi for nearly 20 years and practiced law with her in Eagle for three. She is highly organized, smart, clever and delivers results. I also know several people in her office and can say that it is one of the best-run government offices in Western Colorado. 

What people may not know about Heidi is she is also an incredible gymnastics coach and mentor to young women and girls. She and my wife coached gymnastics together in the valley and in Glenwood Springs for many years before she decided to focus on the law full time. Heidi is born and bred Western Colorado stock and understands the communities and people she represents. She is a tireless advocate of victims of violent crime and I can’t think of a better person to be our next district attorney. I don’t make this endorsement lightly, given my strong personal feelings about how some cases have been pursued by the Brown administration over the last eight years against people in the Eagle community, the backdrop of current events and how and when prosecutorial discretion should be exercised. This country has a long overdue date with criminal justice reform in a manner that no longer unjustly and ruthlessly punishes people of color, the poor, the addicted and the disenfranchised. Let it begin with the 5th Judicial District and Heidi McCollum. 

There is also no room for letting people of power and privilege escape their date with justice. As the chief law enforcement officer of the 5th Judicial District, I know Heidi is sensitive to these issues, has the ability and perspective to evolve and ensure that the right balance is struck between those that deserve to go to jail, those that should remain free and those that need help to readjust their lives so they can remain part of the community we all love. This community (and our country) need a district attorney like Heidi McCollum. 

Ed Woodland

Former Mayor, Town of Eagle (2008-2012)

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Former Trustee, Town of Eagle (2004-2008)

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