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Letter: Correcting the record on Mazzuca column

Butch Mazzuca’s July column about the cost and value of immigrants put forward some misleading “facts.” I’d like to correct the record.

According to The New York Times, “State-level analyses have found that immigrants more than offset with their taxes the amount they draw each year from public benefits — by $1 billion total in Florida, according to one report, and $1,500 per immigrant in Arizona, according to another.”

According to a study done by the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy at Florida International University, “Comparing taxes paid to assistance received shows that immigrants in Florida contribute nearly $1,500 per year more than they receive, while non-immigrants contribute about $1,390 more than they receive.”

Similar results are found in a study that the State of Arizona conducted.

This concurs with anecdotal analysis when you think about it. The great majority of undocumented workers pay all of the taxes citizens do, but are not able to legally collect many of the benefits (such as Social Security) that citizens do.

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Butch’s complaints against undocumented immigrants are largely unwarranted, offensive, and are not at all helpful in finding a solution to our immigration issue. The Vail Daily knows — as does the great majority of our valley’s populace — that our happy valley could not exist without our immigrant population. They deserve our respect, not false admonitions of their lack of contributions to our community. I think the newspaper should be more circumspect in the future in evaluating whether to publish the fake news that Butch’s column represents.

Steve Coyer


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