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Letter: Cory Gardner is a stronger candidate than the Vail Daily thinks

This letter responds to the Sept. 4 editorial titled, “Our view: In need of real relief, not politics.”  It’s a pretty good example of media bias concentrating on negative aspects without presenting the full picture.

Let’s look at the first point the Vail Daily editorial board presents to the reader that Cory Gardner voted with President Trump 89% of the time, assuming that the reader thinks this is a bad idea. At the end of my letter, I’ll show you why this may be a positive. The board neglected to mention that Colorado’s other senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, voted with Obama 97% of the time.

Then they mention the $3 trillion aid bill from the House of Representatives passed on May 15, 2020. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed this bill through without full support from her caucus and the opposition of the GOP. Quoting Rep. Abigail Spencer (D-Va.), “Unfortunately, many members of Congress — including some in my own party — have decided to make political statements and propose a bill that goes far beyond pandemic relief, and has no chance of becoming law, further delaying the help so many need.” Nancy Pelosi had no intention of negotiating and used her power at the expense of the American people.

Regarding the Colorado Outdoor and Recreation Economy Act, an article in the Colorado Sun by Jesse Paul says that Gardner has the potential to support this bill, but would like some changes including a focus on water rights and grazing. Again, where is the discussion from the other party and the negotiating? 

It seems the Democrats, in many cases, want all or nothing.  The Vail Daily editorial leaves out Sen. Gardner’s vote for the Great American Outdoor Act which ensures protection of our public lands for future generations. It passed the Senate with bipartisan support and was signed into law by President Trump on August 4, 2020.

Another good reason for voting for Sen. Gardner in the upcoming election is the economy of our state. A Wall Street Journal commentary by Mike Solon and Phil Gramm dated Sept. 1, 2020, tells us that “In the six years the Democrats controlled the Senate, employment fell by 138,000 jobs. But from his (Gardner’s) election, Colorado added 400,000 jobs. Median household income rose by $8,332. Electing Mr Gardner and a Republican Senate meant more jobs, more income, and less poverty in Colorado.”

Joyce Chizmadia


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