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Letter: Couldn’t have said it better

Thank you, Kay Delanoy, for sharing your realization at the hypocrisy of the anti-mask and anti-vaccine advocates whose slogan is “my body, my choice.” I can’t believe they would have the audacity to use that as their slogan.

I do agree with “my body, my choice” when and only when it does not affect other people. There really is no doubt that masks and vaccines keep the COVID numbers down and I can’t even imagine where we’d be if those of us who wear masks and have been vaccinated weren’t following the appropriate protocol.

It’s time for you folks to stop listening to the propaganda from Trump and Fox news and wake up to the true reality of this awful pandemic that has killed more than 800,000 people! Believe it or not, Channel 2 Fox New (KDVR) states that, of all the COVID patients in the hospitals in Colorado, 85% of them are anti-mask and anti-vaxers. Oh, and by the way, Trump has all his vaccines! He’s the ultimate hypocrite.

Annie Egan


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