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Letter: Cruel and crazy

Life in America gets crazier every day, does it not?  The 45th President of the United States is now seeking to deport immigrant children with life-threatening illnesses. These children will likely die if deported back to their country of origin. This fact doesn’t seem to phase Trump or his party. They call themselves Christians, but what would Jesus do? This is sheer cruelty!

This president is dangerous and destroying everything we stand for every day! I am a child of the ’40s and ’50s, but certainly, I don’t want to return to that time. I keep praying that the evangelicals and the religious right will get into the 21st Century! It is mind-boggling how supporters of Trump can still believe the more than 12,000 false or misleading claims he’s spewed in the last two years! Do they believe or they simply don’t care, which means they have no morals.

I guess if you have lots of money, that is a reason to still vote for Trump. You perhaps got the tax break, the rest of us did not. Are you not concerned for the people dying every day from gun violence or the crumbling infrastructure of America or Trump trying to cut down on social security, eliminate the pre-existing conditions from being covered by health care plans? As I type this, Hurricane Dorian has destroyed the Bahamas and continues on its path up the eastern seaboard. President Trump denies global warming? Go figure!

The latest horrible news is that Texas is approving more gun laws for weapons to be used in schools, churches, etc. Republicans, get informed! Democrats, please work harder to get this insane person out of the White House! My son and his young family now live in Houston and the news of the gun violence in Texas keeps me anxious every day!  God help us!

Linda Carr


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