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Letter: Cunningham for school board

I strongly support Susie Cunningham as a candidate representing District G within the Eagle County Board of Education. Her commitment is directed towards enhancing student achievement and improving student proficiency scores, as well as putting a megaphone to the voices of students and parents within the community.

Susie prioritizes the principal issues surrounding the low student test scores and the strong concern for the academic course/agenda. As a current student at the University of Technology Sydney and coming from a context of the Australian education system, I am shocked by the stark differences within the current approach to education in this state.

In Eagle County School District, 41% of elementary students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and 28% tested at or above that level for math according to 2019 statistics. These are extremely concerning statistics and I can only imagine the challenges ahead for these students, particularly in the early grades where the building blocks of successful reading form.

On a broader scope, I agree with Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes when she notes the recent low Colorado Measures of Academic Success results “should create a sense of urgency around learning.” I am confident Susie Cunningham will challenge and appropriately address issues surrounding the new “Equitable Grading Practices” and moderated rubrics being introducing into grading schemas.

Milla Campbell


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