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Letter: Dear young people, here’s how not to do research

Butch Mazzuca’s latest column is a great example for young people and anyone doing research of how not to do research.

Mazzuca links to Tony Heller. Tony Heller has made a career out of yelling at Democrats about anything they do. If the Democrats say the sky is blue, Heller says it’s not. And, Heller has become well known as a climate denier. Anything to do with climate change, Heller argues against. He’s a carnival barker. 

Mazzuca links to Walter Williams. I looked through Williams’ website. He’s a conservative, he’s on the right. He’s biased. And, Mr. Williams has no credentials to back up any views on science. 

Mazzuca links to a piece by Noel Sheppard, written in 2010. Sheppard wrote “global warming was a scheme to redistribute wealth”. This is farcical. Where is other evidence that supports this outlandish claim? So one guy writes something in 2010 and now it’s gospel? C’mon, Butch. 

Maybe Mazzuca uses Google for his research? No one should confuse Google with truth. Google was designed to display results for your input. That’s it. Google wasn’t designed, and isn’t designed, to determine truth

Doing research is hard work. When you find a link you have to research the author. Then you have to look for bias. Does the author of the piece have any financial ties to the content? For example, if you find a piece on the sky is falling, find out if the author is funded in any way by dump truck companies. Then, you have to check other sources. It’s best to contact the author, to be sure you’re interpreting what they wrote correctly.  Doing research is hard work, tedious, and it takes time. 

Mazzuca fails at research. All the time.

Paul Kulas


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