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Letter: Democratic Party’s House District 26 Vacancy Committee should appoint Roberts

I am writing to voice my support for Dylan Roberts for the Colorado State House and to encourage the Democratic Party’s House District 26 Vacancy Committee to share in the same. Dylan is the very epitome of what the 26th District represents: The majority of his life to date was spent living in and growing up around Routt County, and his most recent years have been devoted to representing the citizens of Eagle County as a deputy district attorney.

In both communities, Dylan’s passion for the betterment of the lives of everyone he touches, directly and indirectly, has been consistently visible and palpable through his involvement as a public servant, a volunteer and an active member of the community through any means he can find the time (or create it) to devote himself to and encourage those around him to do the same.

I had the pleasure of working with Dylan at the District Attorney’s Office, where I saw countless examples of him maintaining one of the most difficult balances a professional public servant can be faced with: the balance between fairness and justice. That balance alone makes him an ideal candidate to represent the citizens of the 26th District. He will be vigilant in fighting for the overall best interests of the people, while holding true to the important moral and civil values that maintain the 26th’s reputation and integrity in the capitol and around the state.

Dylan’s stances on the important and constantly evolving issues, including the need to revamp our education and infrastructure systems, further evince his fit as the ideal candidate to fill this vacancy. Speaking as a young professional facing the daily struggle of costs and availability of living, Dylan’s plans to tackle this additional issue head on in order to help shift the feasibility of living and working in these two counties back toward reasonableness is extremely important for maintaining the quality of life that makes this area like nowhere else on Earth.

Dylan brings an unparalleled combination of deep roots and new ideas that is exactly what the people of Eagle and Routt counties need in the face of the uncertain and often scary state of the current political situations our country is facing at every level.

I write today to encourage the Vacancy Committee to consider the profound value Dylan Roberts would bring forth through his diligence, his vision, his integrity, his hard work and, most importantly, his dedication and passion to his two homes and the citizens he cares about the most. Give this young gentleman a chance to continue proving to us all what he is made of in our capitol.

Ryan Lee


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