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Letter: Developer’s column didn’t paint the full picture

The COO of Triumph Development had a well written, but I feel misleading, column in the paper on Saturday. The scale of development does not “mimic the type of development seen throughout East Vail” if it is four stories on a hillside versus the three-story Racquet Club down along the river, which is the only close comparison.

Parking spaces planned are for only half the Vail Resorts residents. And seasonal rentals quickly turn into long-term headaches, as can be attested to by those responsible for having to clean and repair them at the end of each season. Despite covenants, who is really going to enforce rules regarding dogs and noise?    

The “expert biologist” is more of a hired gun with some unfounded assumptions, like the sheep grazing at night when we all see them there from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., just as with the Georgetown and Glenwood Springs herds. As per the 1,800-acre winter range figure, that includes all of the Booth Fall homes, roads, infrastructure, VMS, town of Vail bus maintenance, Buzzards Nest housing, etc. The report actually says that only 15%, or 267 acres, is used as the winter range. 

Rol Hamelin


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