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Letter: Diana is right

I agree with Diana Donovan, who wrote complaining that the site and style of the workforce housing planned for the north side of I-70 right at our front door is poorly planned.

One can only wonder why the architects would design a building more appropriate for Army barracks than one more in line with the lovely architecture now seen in the village and in Lionshead.

I remember when Lionshead was built. It was stark, uninteresting and devoid of charm as compared to Vail. It was not inviting; it struggled for years.

Vail, on the other hand, remembered the history of skiing and designed a village to take our guests to a different place and experience. Isn’t that what they come here for? While Vail was accused of being a bit “too Bavarian,” its main streets are still the focus of publicity pictures and memorable postcards. Later, when Arrabelle was built in Lionshead, the nature of that area changed. It now hosts so many street events and presents a consistent, welcoming atmosphere.

Of course, it is not all about architecture. But approving a sterile, out-of-place building at the front door of a world class resort that will remain there for decades seems a shame. Maybe the architects should take a walk through Vail and Lionshead and add some elements that will cause our workers to point with pride and say, “That’s where I live!”

Carolyn Swanepoel


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