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Letter: Ditto to ’Enough with the Boebert bashing’

My first thought was to simply write “ditto” to the column by Pamela Chapman in the Feb. 12 issue of The Vail Daily, “Enough with the Boebert bashing.” Regrettably, I could not simply leave it at that. I felt compelled to let Ms. Chapman and like-minded citizens know that it isn’t that simple. The views expressed by Richard Carnes, et al, are not simply political views. No. These views are their religion and as we know, religion demands blind faith. Don’t make the mistake, Ms. Chapman, of presenting facts or evidence to them. Their views are set out in some modern-day “bible” and cannot be challenged, something that is indigenous to the elitist class she so brilliantly described.

Welcome, once again, to 1984.

Walter Lamkin


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