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Letter: Do not support the Avon recall

A handful of malcontents are attempting to run a recall campaign of three respected Avon councilmembers. This irresponsible recall effort squanders taxpayer funds and wastes the time and energy of councilmembers and town staff. It is a bullying tactic that discourages talented citizens from serving their communities in elected office.

Sarah Smith Hymes, Amy Phillips and Tamra Underwood are trustworthy public servants whom the citizens of Avon elected to office. Avon is fortunate to have these hardworking, highly capable women in positions of leadership.

It is more than troubling that while all seven members of the council voted to reaffirm support for the real estate transfer tax (a stated complaint in the recall), it is only the women on council who are being targeted. I urge the citizens of Avon to refrain from supporting this divisive and wasteful recall campaign.

Susan Wilke Gruber


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