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Letter: Do the right thing and build in East Vail

Please vote to allow the construction of employee housing on the East Vail parcel. I have lived in the valley for over 10 years, got married and started a family. I lived in East Vail for four years and have watched this process closely.

Originally, the East Vail residents that were against the project were throwing any excuse possible. I knew most of the people writing into the Vail Daily, and they were almost all second-home owners that were rarely in East Vail.

“The buses will be too crowded.”

“There will be no parking.”

“There will be too much traffic.”

“It will be an eyesore for the valley.”

“The first thing you see coming into Vail is a big building.”

It wasn’t until the “Save the Herd!” point came up that the other reasons for not having the site built went away. My family and I lived in employee housing in Booth Falls for one summer while we worked on the monumental task of buying in the valley.

That herd of sheep walk all over the Booth Falls neighborhood, lick the mag chloride off of the highway and have walked through open construction sites.

The allowance of the private development larger than the proposed employee housing is idiocy.

Everyone knows we need employee housing. Everyone knows it needs to be east of Dowd Junction. Vail found a parcel that was perfect, and the NIMBY complainers faced with a great solution were pushed out of their comfort zone.

Do the right thing and allow the employee housing to be built.

Ben Bussard


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