Letter: Do the right thing, Vail Resorts

Since the rezoning of the Booth Heights parcel, this matter has been mishandled. From the start, Vail Resorts seemed to have been willing to rend the Vail community apart in order to build on the property. Now it appears that Vail Resorts is willing to condone the murder of the bighorn sheep by interfering with their habitat.

Vail Resorts may believe that its customer base will overlook the atrocity, but I for one will not. Even though we have a home in Vail, next season we will leave the hypocritical Vail Resorts’ over-crowded, understaffed and unopened lifts to ski in non-Vail Resorts areas.

To me, more appalling than the company’s flagrant indifference to its Value No. 7 — to do good and to preserve the natural environment — is the avaricious grab of my taxpayer dollars to feed the dividends of its gobbling shareholders.

Vail Resorts has the opportunity to break with the past policies of its predecessors and to do the right thing by donating the land to the town of Vail as perpetual open space. I implore Vail Resorts leadership to stop the costly road to condemnation of the property. After all, you would be following your Value No. 2 to “DO RIGHT: Act with integrity — always do the right thing, knowing it leads to the right outcome.”

Audre L. Engleman

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