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Letter: Do we now have a dictatorial county government?

Note: This letter was originally addressed to the Eagle County commissioners.

We ask this question because only a single sign has been posted at Freedom Park — also known as the Dog Park — informing the public that starting in October a fence will be installed, something park users are totally against. Not one individual was aware of a public forum held prior to a decision being made. Were residents excluded from due notification?

Over the past week, since the sign was posted, I have surveyed 53 people at that park and not one of them, I repeat, not one of them agreed with this county plan. Most of them considered it a total waste of taxpayer money and not a soul had a clue as to why the county made this decision without a well-published request for park-user input. Further, the sign provided no reason for the useless fencing. 

It has been years since a small group pushed to make this park an amphitheater. Now this subject has surfaced again. A community group comprised of passionate dog walkers and recreational walkers who value the openness of the park use it every day of the year — in the sun, rain and snow. 

Here are some reactions from users:

  • Who is pushing for a fence?
  • Seven individuals questioned whether corruption is involved.
  • Others said if the county has money to waste, drop my taxes or make this a friendly park with more benches and picnic tables.
  • Why limit the no-leash section to the front area since most of the joy is walking around the lake.
  • Others shook their heads and said the decision is “dumb,” “wasteful” and “stupid.”

Please, commissioners, reconsider your decision, and help restore trust and respect in democracy. Pending a well-advertised public forum, halt progress for this project, at the behest of the people. Or, learn at the ballot box how foolish your support of this fence can be.  

Richard Dangler


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