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Letter: Do we really need the fireworks?

Do you know what it takes for wildlife to survive these subzero temperatures?  I am looking at -5 Fahrenheit this morning, with a side note — feels like -16! The bears, birds, fox, ermines, marmots and deer (among others) are amazing. They are stressed.  Why can we not respect that enough to forego an event that is momentary in our lives, but can impact theirs forever?  

Many people do not realize that fireworks can completely devastate wildlife — driving animals into a panic and possibly disorienting them enough to lose their families. Many perish. Would you not agree that we can forego this momentary entertainment for their sake?

The other day I was pulling out of town from a long day at work when a blast behind me nearly caused me to wreck my car. I had no idea that the 10th Mountain Division “legacy” included a weekly firework display. Does that seem appropriate?  

I find it wasteful, shocking, and imagine that it would conjure up PTSD in a soldier. It also stumps me that year after year, in the height of summer drought and fire danger, that we so boldly must honor our country with this expensive, pollutive and highly dangerous absurdity. Why not have a laser show? 

Why all of the extra frills?  Vail’s allure should focus on the main attraction: nature. We should be so lucky to live here. We should not drive out the only natural habitat of bighorn sheep, and have no regard for the native inhabitants that should have more of a right to be here than we do. We have grown in conceit and forgotten our roots.  

Breckenridge has taken the step to eliminate their fireworks. Why can’t we do the same?

Brittany Franke


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