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Letter: Do your part to help those who need it most

Recently, Gov. Polis introduced #DoingMyPartCO as a challenge for us all to do our part to address COVID-19 in our communities. First and foremost, we must minimize social interactions  This is a serious threat to our mountain town and we must adhere to the recommendations from health professionals. This is not a personal choice.  

Second, I’m doing my part by reducing rates on a couple of rental units we have in East Vail. I’ll ask the renters who have lost their jobs due to the forced closing of businesses to cover costs excluding repairs and that is it. We already cover utilities. As someone who has been on both sides of the small business equation, I urge all landlords in the valley to do the same. Especially commercial properties that can more easily afford to drop their rates in order to ensure that small businesses that have been forced to close their doors can still survive  

Our family’s small businesses were not just our paycheck but contributed to Vail’s spirit and culture. Many things in the Vail Valley have changed, but this hasn’t and it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part. 

Small businesses and their employees are the heart of our economy. The people who rent our units are bartenders and service workers — exactly the jobs John and I had when we first came to Vail. Vail helped make us successful and we must do our part to ensure the success of Vail in the future.

Vail Town Council is doing its part by giving some relief for sales tax collections. Thanks to them. So reduce your rents as much as you can and accept the governor’s challenge #doingyourpart.

Diana Donovan and family


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