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Letter: Does Jesus act like a vaccine …

As is usually the case, Jack Van Ens, in his most recent Vail Daily column, once again picks out examples mostly from the fringes to further his leftist ideology. The “culture of individualism” isn’t the boogeyman that Jack would like for us to believe, as he quotes David Brooks. Indeed, our society is built on individuals who, as a whole, do contribute to the good of many.  But their individualism also is driven by various factors that usually start with the need to provide for their immediate family unit and a general sense of worth connected to work.  

He points to examples of wrongheaded folks that thought it a good idea to demonstrate while “gun-toting.” I cringed when I saw them, as I knew that is what people like Van Ens would end up focusing on. Just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. And the horror — did he spot a Make America Great Again hat in the crowd!? What ends up lost in the process is that many, many good people who have spent their life building a business are now in serious danger of losing it. And with that, many, many more employees of the business will be out of work. 

Also lost is the price others are paying because of the lockdown. My nephew works for a very small town fire department near me, and he told me that a few days ago they had six suicide attempts in one day. My associates that provide health care inform me daily the stories of patients that have a diagnosis missed, chemo appointments not kept, and the list goes on.   

Some may choose to argue the merits of the lockdowns in general. I’m not doing that. I can see where a case can and probably should be made for them — for a while.  The problem that I see is that most of these protesters are good and decent people rightly asking for the opportunity to start moving towards opening up their businesses again and getting back to work — safely. What started out as “flatten the curve” has resulted in the goalposts being moved back again and again. 

And while our politicians have been reminding us they are making decisions based on science, we have seen many examples of this so-called science contradicting itself, most notably regarding the guidance with regards to mask-wearing. Or just being flat out wrong, such as estimates of millions dead in the United States. It is possible that a vaccine may never come to fruition. So what to do then? Stay “safe at home” forever?   

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Our society was not built on that and is not built for that. We can do this, we can open up — but we will do it safely, responsibly, and mindful of our employees, customers and patrons. Those that have chosen to speak out and protest do not deserve to be painted with the condescending broad brush of Van Ens.  

Terry Baugh

Rockford, Michigan (and frequent Vail Valley visitor)

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