Letter: Does voting really have to be this hard?

Yes, I voted on Tuesday. But I would like to say that having to go to two different locations in Vail to vote is ridiculous. There was one location for the county and state ballot (Lionshead parking structure) and a completely different location for Vail municipal voting (Town Hall). It was very inconvenient for my parents who are older and have some difficulty getting around. It was inconvenient for me as well since I am on crutches.

Yes, we could have mailed in the county/state ballot still having to go to two different locations. Regardless of disabilities, voting should be easy; we should only have to go to one location to do so. Hopefully, next year for the general election we won’t have to go to different locations and the town of Vail will figure it out so we will vote in one location.

Jessica Guthrie


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