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Letter: Donovan should go work for Vail Resorts

The headline in the June 5 Vail Daily states that Sen. Kerry Donovan has “an eye on her next chance to serve.

I suggest she should continue to work for Vail Resorts. All she would need to do is move her desk to Broomfield.

Sen. Donovan was the chairperson of the committee looking into the Ski Area Safety Plans and Accident Reporting legislation known as SB21-184 in the 2021 regular session. The purpose of the bill was to update the Ski Safety Act of 1979. That’s right, 1979! 

The purpose of the updated bill was to collect and identify deaths and accidents and locations for each ski area in Colorado. Sen. Donovan voted against bringing said bill out of committee.

On March 12, 2021, at 1 p.m., I was ambushed by a hit-and-run skier on the Grand Traverse. I am aware of the time discrepancy between the bill and my accident. Let us think of our next fellow skier or boarder. Ten days in the Vail hospital with four broken ribs and 6 inches of resected bowel at 78 was not fun for this skier/owner in Vail since 1968. 

It would be nice to know where the “hot spots” on the mountains are located so that we skiers/boarders and the ski patrol are aware of their locations. Knowing those locations would enable those areas to be articulated by the ski patrol through the use of signs and gates.

My guess is that Vail Resorts has the empirical data in Broomfield. If you want anecdotal data, ask the doctors and staff at Vail Health Hospital.

The Grand Traverse is still the white strip of death!

Sen. Donovan needs to explain why she put Vail Resorts’ interest ahead of the safety of skiers and boarders. Then perhaps we can vote for her again with “an eye on her next chance to serve.”

Wright B. George

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