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Letter: Don’t buy that Hick is the only choice for Senate

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper supports oil and gas and always has. For him to tout himself as concerned about climate change is disingenuous.
There are others running against Sen. Gardner who have just as much chance to beat him as Hickenlooper does and who are a whole lot more realistic about the climate crisis we are facing.

For instance, candidate Stephany Rose Spaulding says, “We need a viable, coordinated, popular and immediate response to runaway climate change, which threatens agriculture, coastal cities, human health, biodiversity and global security.”

Candidate Andrew Romanoff says, “Wildfires, drought, shrinking snowpack, polluted air, and worsening heatwaves — climate change is here in Colorado and it’s getting worse. We need a bold, aggressive, and progressive approach to the climate crisis and we need it now.”

Colorado has loads of sun and wind and a fossil fuel workforce just ripe for being trained in the alternative energy fields.

Please don’t buy the hype that Hickenlooper is our only choice for the U.S. Senate. He is living in the last century and will keep us tied to oil and gas, just as Sen. Gardner has, until it is way too late.

Katherine Delanoy


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