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Letter: Don’t cancel 12th Night gathering

I think Eagle leaders should reconsider the cancellation of the 68th annual 12th Night Celebration. This event has been a long-standing tradition for Eagle and our residents. The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District had their usual safely protocols in place and were prepared to support this event. This is an outside, open-air event where we currently have two ice rinks for the public to enjoy.

For most of 2020, individuals have sacrificed income, education, family gatherings and other freedoms in support of fighting this virus. Overall, our community has suffered through canceled concerts, limited bar and restaurant seating, restricted worship services and several other canceled holiday/social activities.

After nearly 10 months, the citizens of Eagle are far overdue for some social healing.

While the initial lockdowns may have been warranted, it has now become overbearing and time for you to trust the citizens of Eagle decide where they want to go, what to do and with whom they do it. The public has been educated and controlled for nine months. We are ready to make our own decisions and accept risks that are appropriate for our families. There are always risks in life. Remember the buses are still running, please look both ways before crossing the street!

Eric Peterson


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