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Letter: Don’t compare Soleimani to bin Laden

In response to Joe McHugh’s letter, “The attack on General Soleimani,” in the Jan. 14 Vail Daily, it is an apple and orange comparison. Qasem Soleimani was an official representative (Iranian Major General in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) of the government of an independent and sovereign nation. Osama bin Laden was an independent global terrorist not attached in an official capacity to any recognized nation or government.

While both are truly reprehensible figures, to authorize a pre-emptive governmental assassination based on what has turned out to be mere conjecture and on foreign soil is essentially an illegal act, whether or not it was deserved. We were and are not in a state of war with Iran. It also, if condoned, allows for the very same unilateral actions to be taken against any United States government military official or otherwise for similar reasons, and we all know that these very same U.S. officials are in constant planning stages regarding military action against our perceived enemies. This sets a precedent that if escalated by any equal retribution, we would no longer be in a position to reasonably protest. If and when that does happen, I anticipate the massive right-wing hypocrisy to once again rear its ugly head. 

Barry Levinson


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