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Letter: Don’t forget natural remedies

With the onslaught of the societal disrupting influence of “the virus” altering our lives for the worse, it is comforting to know that there are ages-old healing remedies right here in Eagle County that have been used by various societies throughout the ages to battle colds, flu and viruses. Rather than wait the year that pharmaceutical authorities say it will take to develop a vaccine, there are herbs, minerals and vitamins right here in our midst that can help conquer this modern plague.

Vitamin C, elderberry, astragalus, garlic, cayenne, zinc, yarrow, juniper berry, echinacea, ginger and goldenseal are all items that can be made into teas or added to our foods to theoretically help prevent or help overcome COVID-19 and are available at our local stores. They have worked for other viruses throughout time; why not this one too? For the respiratory system, there is wild cherry bark, pine sprigs, osha root, horehound, and mullein which can be found in tinctures, herbal capsules and in a dried form. These are available at our local grocery stores and in packaged form in the local Mexican stores as well. 

And for the cough afflicted, pine trees offer up their needles and sprigs for a vitamin-C enhanced, lung-healing hot tea throughout the year. Plus, it won’t be long before the velvety green leaves of mullein poke their velvety, young leaves out of the remaining snow all over Eagle County, ready to be made into an effective hot drink for coughs.

Roger Freed


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