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Letter: Don’t let the Eagle Valley Community Fund rummage sale die

In response to the Saturday, Sept. 30 article “Community rummage sale ousted from Maloit Park,” it breaks my heart to hear that such a staple of the area is done simply because it can’t find a new location.

For more than half a century, the Minturn Rummage Sale, run by the Eagle Valley Community Fund, has provided volunteer organizations the ability to fundraise in a safe and secure location. By donating the proceeds to those groups who volunteer, the rummage sale supported these groups in their endeavors.

The article stated that the sale donates around $200,000 per year spread among more than a dozen organizations. That’s millions of dollars over its run that have been funneled back into the county to assist with projects that benefit all of our communities. This cannot be allowed to end, especially without any other organizations filling this role.

Businesses and residents benefit from this yearly sale, as well. As a teacher in the county, I have seen firsthand how this money helps out organizations my students are a part of. My fiance’s work is directly involved with at least three of the nonprofits mentioned in the article that might not be able to offer their services without the monetary support the rummage sale provides. We may not feel the effects of this loss immediately, but they will be felt — especially by our underserved and underfunded communities.

The Eagle Valley Community Fund should not have to disband simply because of these unfortunate circumstances. Entrepreneurs and corporations that call this area home need to step up to the plate. Yes, the school needs the space in Maloit Park for the upcoming school year, but there are buildings sitting vacant across the county right now that could be utilized for the sale. Businesses that donate the use of their facilities and equipment to the Community Fund could use that donation as a deduction on their taxes, a win-win for everyone involved.

There are ways to keep this sale going. We need those who have built their lives and fortunes in this county to work together and make it happen. A half-century of helping the volunteer organizations of the county be successful shouldn’t end because no one is willing to sacrifice some space in service to their community.

James Guthrie


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